We are a brand engagement firm

Strategically led, creatively driven and technologically passionate, we are a growing group of strategists, researchers, writers designers, motion artists and more. We are problem solvers fixed on creativity and data.

Bruce Eaton

Partner & Senior Brand Strategist

With a background in art, design, advertising and marketing, Bruce brings multiple critical disciplines to e10’s project strategy and creative oversight. His 30+ years of seasoned experience in the development and management of corporate branding and marketing programs steers his intent to connect both the right and left side of the brain on every project. Bruce is passionate about seeing brands through Design Thinking and its core focus on end-user knowledge and empathy to design as the best path to engaging communications. He is the captain of medtech marketing in the Midwest (and beyond). And he navigates the brand development process like he races sailboats: with informed assessment, consensus building, solid teamwork, and creative nuance.

Gina Eaton

Partner & Senior Copywriter

As a principal and founding partner, Gina calculates she has composed several million sentences over the course of her 30+-year career. But she’s much better with words and relationships than numbers. How should verbiage compliment visuals (and visa versa)? Since every project is unique Gina approaches the written dimension with a careful exploration of the client’s story and territory, a survey of the competitive landscape and then an expression of the brand with words that wow. Her favorite type of project is name generation, her favorite game is Scrabble and her favorite authors are Charles Dickens and J.K. Rowling, both Masters of Making Monikers.

Karena Casey

Senior Brand & Marketing Strategist

When you need a Virtuoso of Marketing, you call Karena. She has extensive strategic branding experience with Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations alike, in a breadth of B2C and B2B markets. As an MBA from the Carlson School of Management she started in project management at 3M and today brings to e10 clients her skills in leading new product commercialization teams, developing and managing global brands and conducting complex research projects. As a virtuoso on the flute and community orchestra member, she brings musical joy to many.

Suzanne Miggler

Senior Designer

Suzanne didn’t invent Zen, but she could have. With 25+ years of design and project leadership, her creative (and thankfully, serene) mind is the wellspring of countless successful corporate and product launches. Large campaigns and UX are all mindfully and aesthetically dressed by her in visuals that engage for growth and ROI to brands. Twice every day she is one with her bike as she commutes carbon-free. It’s her creative footprint that leaves the biggest impact.

Teresa Henriksen

Senior Designer

As the daughter of a graphic designer/fine artist, Teresa’s talent is literally in her DNA. She seamlessly blends her Minneapolis College of Art and Design training with her brand of creativity and tech savvy. Every day she works out smart solutions to programming challenges, and hand-crafts engaging visuals to help tell and sell compelling brand stories. When you work with Teresa you get the added bonus of her generous smiling, which is her superpower.

Rick Russie

UI Designer & Developer

Rick is no mere “Tech Guy”. More like Digital Renaissance Man or First Adaptor of Everything. His drive to explore and expand digital possibilities find expression every day through his (fastidious!) work in web development, videography, photography and music. Nothing makes his day more than working out a solution using the latest development tools. Rick brings inventive insights to design usability and online standards. Starting from a design discipline he works both sides of creativity and technology for a holistic perspective of every digital project while collaborating closely with clients, designers and developers to find the solid ground solutions between visual engagement and actual implementation.

Marylou Hay

Project Manager & Marketing Strategist

Lucky for our clients (and for e10!) that there is a Marylou. Few in our industry possess the extensive knowledge and project leadership that only 30+ years in marketing, advertising, publishing and design can earn. From finance to med-tech to non-profits, Marylou gets clients to think in new ways, engage in smart ways and succeed like nobody’s business. But she never leaves anything to chance — her tenacity and work ethic are awe-inspiring. She is a potent branding partner in a petite package.

Jessica Wicklund

Digital Media & Content Specialist

Jessica is social both behind the screen and away from it. She deftly manages cross-platform social campaigns, and creates organic, paid and earned content. Her skill in co-mingling technology with strategy and science is the stuff clients dream about. To each project, she brings a solid understanding of what the challenges are, how to prove ROI and everything in between. Her life’s ambition is to teach Moose, her cat, how to roll over.