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Leadership team

Bruce Eaton

Founder, Creative Director

With a background in art, design, advertising and marketing, Bruce brings multiple critical disciplines to e10’s project strategy and creative oversight. His 30+ years of seasoned experience in the development and management of corporate branding and marketing programs steers his intent to connect both the right and left side of the brain on every project. Bruce is passionate about seeing brands through Design Thinking and its core focus on end-user knowledge and empathy to design as the best path to engaging communications. He is the captain of medtech marketing in the Midwest (and beyond). And he navigates the brand development process like he races sailboats: with informed assessment, consensus building, solid teamwork, and creative nuance.

Gina Eaton
Gina Eaton

Partner & Senior Copywriter

As a principal and founding partner, Gina calculates she has composed several million sentences over the course of her 30+-year career. But she’s much better with words and relationships than numbers. How should verbiage compliment visuals (and visa versa)? Since every project is unique Gina approaches the written dimension with a careful exploration of the client’s story and territory, a survey of the competitive landscape and then an expression of the brand with words that wow. Her favorite type of project is name generation, her favorite game is Scrabble and her favorite authors are Charles Dickens and J.K. Rowling, both Masters of Making Monikers.

Email: Bruce@e10inc.com
Phone: 612-749-2707