In-house teams vs agencies: Which produce better results?

There are times when your intimate knowledge is critical to the success of a project, and there are times when you need to look outside your organization. When it comes to branding, this could be make-or-break. Here are some key things to think through as you enter the landscape. Hint… we’re biased.

Agencies can push beyond the obvious

After doing things a certain way for a long period of time, it can become challenging to consistently bring fresh ideas to the table without outside input. Whether its brand positioning or strategic messaging, “out of the box” thinking is exactly what an agency can bring to the table as they hear and see things from a new and different perspective.

External insights can be truly objective

When seeking an objective opinion on your company’s key messages or visual brand, we encourage you to look beyond your internal team. Company employees will inherently have a more complex and complicated connection to existing branding projects that could influence their views on the effectiveness of something, whereas an outsider with no connection to the company is able to look at a logo, website or specific strategic move for exactly what it is and make a judgment on it. 

Outsiders can examine and see your customers in new ways

Knowing your audience is vital to developing a successful and meaningful brand, but it is easy to misunderstand who your audience is and what they want. Bringing in a team of experts who knows how to examine and draw conclusions about your company’s customers effectively and accurately can help you to ensure that you are not wasting your time (and money) targeting the wrong group.

An outside agency brings added experience

With each different client an agency works with, their experience and skills become deeper and more robust. Each project is unique, and agencies become better at individualizing their skills for each client with the more experience they have in their portfolios. Working with a team that has years of diverse experience is a benefit to you because they know what works, will be able to think outside of the box in ways that can be helpful to you and your company and can base their judgements on past experiences. 

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